1. Describe the job you want done and the things you expect from the assignment, as well as the expertise you require.
  2. Consult with others within your organisation.
  3. Brief the consultants properly – with all pertinent facts.
  4. See the individual consultant who will do the job and make sure the ‘chemistry’ between you is right.
  5. Ask no more than three short listed consultants to provide detailed written proposals.
  6. Ask for references and follow them up.
  7. Keep in touch with the progress of the assignment.
  8. The final report should contain no surprises.
  9. Aim to get your staff to ‘buy into’ or ‘own’ the recommendations by involving them as early as possible in the assignment.
  10. Be prepared to implement the recommendations – and involve your management as well as the consultant.

For more detailed guidance, see Selecting a Consultant and Find a Consultant