The Institute of Management Consultants and Advisers is pleased to announce IMCA Board approval of their application for accreditation of the following courses taught by  the School of Business, Maynooth University.

1. MSc Marketing
2. MSc Strategic Marketing
3. MSc International Business
4. MSc Business Analytics

The IMCA Accreditation Panel completed an extensive assessment of this Level 9 programme, including content of programme modules, learning outcomes and details of real world focus. The Panel placed particular emphasis on proof of preparation of students for consulting in the workplace, including opportunities for practical application of academic learning through the completion of consulting projects, in-company assignments and work placements.
The IMCA Board congratulates Maynooth University School of Business on its successful application and expresses its thanks to Programme Director Dr Jean Cushen and Joseph Coughlan and the other faculty members for the constructive manner in which they engaged with the IMCA and the accreditation process. These newly accredited programme are in addition to the existing programmes accredited at the university.

We look forward to progressing our close working relationship with the University and all our academic partners and graduate student members over the year ahead.

Further information my be obtained

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