Use the Institute’s Client Enquiry Service to help locate and select management consulting firms to undertake a possible assignment or explore possible solutions to a specific problem. These firms are either Accredited Consulting Practices or Registered Consulting Practices within the Institute and embrace large firms as well as smaller practices – see Directories of Accredited and Registered Consulting Practices.

The Client Enquiry Service introduces, without recommending, consultants with relevant expertise and experience to clients. The decision to accept any consultancy services lies entirely with the enquirer – see Selecting a Consultant and 10 Golden Rules for Selecting & Using a Consultant.

To use the Client Enquiry Service, please complete the form below. On receipt of the enquiry we will contact you to discuss it in more detail and determine the best way of circulating it to member practices. At that stage, you can opt for the enquiry to be circulated without revealing your identity – the Institute will receive the responses and forward them to you. However, experience indicates that identifiable enquirers get the best responses.