Scope of Projects

The project nominated must relate to the discipline of Management Consultancy.

This comprises the following kinds of projects:

• Business analysis and strategy development • Strategic corporate planning • Support in the foundation of an enterprise as well as corporate succession • Business valuation • Feasibility studies, check of due diligence • Mergers and Acquisitions Consulting • Management Buy Out • Business administration • Reorganization, turn around and crisis management • Project management • Development of marketing concepts and strategies • Corporate identity, corporate design, concepts for corporate culture • Development of organization concepts and strategies • Development of concepts and strategies concerning logistics • Projects in the field of environmental management • Concepts of controlling systems • Corporate management and planning • Development and organization of corporate accounting systems • Consultancy in the field of financial and investment planning • Capital procurement, liquidity management and management of funding • Commercial office organization • Projects in the field of human resources • Projects including aspects of marketing and organization

FAQ Constantinus International Award

How many nominations can be made by each institute? According to the number of all member countries participating in the Constantinus International Award, the number of projects that may be nominated has been fixed at a maximum of three.

How does the application process work? Applications will be submitted online via an application tool on the website of Constantinus International Award. This tool will be ready for registration of participants now.

From this moment on, national nominees may register and fill in the application form online. The application period ends on July, 2023. The language of application will be English.

What is the scope of projects that may be nominated? Here you find detailed information on this topic.

How are the projects evaluated? The projects will be evaluated online by a jury. Here you find the evaluation criteria.

Can the member countries appoint jury members? If so, how many? Each participating institute/country has the right to appoint up to two jury members. We will be happy to receive your suggestions. For registration, please provide name and mail address to Constantinus International Award Office ( Jury members will receive the access data for their online evaluation per mail. Additionally, we would like to stress clearly the importance of jury members who have a reputation as consultants or are in a decision making position in a company that might represent a possible client.

When does the jury start evaluating the projects? Evaluation process starts on August 1st and ends on August 28 th, 2023. During this period the jury members will have time to evaluate all submitted projects online.

How many projects will receive the Constantinus International Award? There will be one single gold medalist and two silver medalists. Being nominated is already a great honour. We also will characterise one National Champion per participating country.

The application fee for the Award is € 1.000,- excl. VAT. Who will send the invoice? Are there any further costs involved? The application fee amounts to € 1.000,- excl. VAT per participating country and covers organizational costs (e.g. website, first level support through the Constantinus Office etc.). Therefore, the invoice will be sent by Constantinus Office, when the submission phase is over. There are no further obligatory costs. However, we strongly recommend the IMCs to have some marketing resources and plans accompanying the award.


Application related questions may be found here


The jury will be composed out of international experts in the field of management consultancy as well as of prominent representatives of successful businesses. Each participating country has the right to name up to two members for the jury.

Evaluation criteria for the jury are the following aspects of a project:

Commercial performance revenue/profit impact, process improvement, productivity increase, effectiveness of organizational changes

Strategic strength market performance and impact, innovation, development and qualification improvements of the company and its human resources

Quality of consulting/solution creativity of solutions and methods, customer satisfaction, satisfaction of participating partners and their employees, quality of documents, change management and project management

Efficiency price/performance, cost control, speed of execution, long-term effects, replicability, organization and quality of international cooperation

International creation and security of jobs, effects on regional and national economy, compliance with development programs

Further details HERE