The Enterprise Ireland briefing for IMCA members at their East Point HO on November 4th provided a unique opportunity to hear about Enterprise Ireland’s development plans and to share views on how consultants can support them most effectively.

The format included:

  • Presentation by Enterprise Ireland on their current strategy and how IMCA members can contribute most effectively to this – delivered by Colm MacFionnlaoich, Manager CMD and Client Skills;
  • Presentation from IMCA on the consultancy profession and our survey of member interactions with Enterprise Ireland;
  • A Q&A, led on Enterprise Ireland’s behalf by Niall O’Donnellan, Divisional Manager – Investment Services, in which Tom Hayes, Divisional Manager – Entrepreneurship also participated.

Following the discussion Enterprise Ireland agreed to reflect on the points raised in our feedback on member interactions and to meet again in a few weeks to discuss this.

If you would like to expand, clarify or emphasise any points made in the feedback please come back to us at or 086 2423778.