Dear Colleagues,

Please find a communication from our International President Dwight Mihalicz

This is a special update to inform you of an ICMCI initiative to support our member Institutes.

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Dear Friends,

In times like these it is very easy to focus on the immediate. Fortunately, we are all part of a global network, and there is much we can share with each other and learn from each other. As we are all faced with our personal isolation and social distancing, let’s use our virtual tools to stay in touch with each other.

Global Collaboration and Information Sharing
Next week, On April 23, we are launching a weekly series of virtual webinars and seminars that will help us to share information and to keep our communication channels open. For the open discussion seminars and panels, we will host two versions so that you can find a convenient time to join wherever in the world you are. For the information sharing, we will rotate between UTC morning and UTC afternoon for so we each have opportunities to join. In all cases the sessions will be recorded and made available online so you can have access to the information at your convenience.

April 23. The first session is an open discussion: IMC Best Practices during COVID-19. This will be in seminar style. Hosted by Reema and myself, it will be an open discussion about what is happening in your Institute, and your reactions to support your members. We would also like to get your input about how we can best use this forum going forward.

April 30. Advising Clients in Turbulent Times. Reema and I will also host these sessions, but we will have a guest speaker to start our conversation. In the UTC morning session, most suitable for Asian and Eastern European time zones, we will interview Mr Sak Hutanuwatra, Chair of IMC Thailand, who has been very involved with business in Asia during this period. For the UTC afternoon session, we will interview Mr Glenn Yonemitsu. In his role with the Business Development Bank of Canada, he has been involved in a national task force on business reactions to the crisis. Both will have good information to share with us followed by an open discussion of all attendees.

May 7. This will be a panel discussion where we will have consultants share with us their reactions and initiatives during the COVID-19 times. It will also be held in two sessions. Details forthcoming.

Here is a list of other potential topics for you to watch for. If there is anything specific you would like to see. Let us know!

• Info Session: Social Media Marketing
• Info Session: Managing Teams in Turbulent Times
• Info Session: Coaching after Disasters
• Panel: What will the ‘New Normal’ look like (and how can consultants prepare?)
• Info Session: Artificial Intelligence – when is it coming and what will it mean
• Info Session: Zoom -Business as usual in the virtual world
• Info Session: CRI and the Evolving Strategy of Consulting

ICMCI Strategy
We have been revising the priorities of our strategic initiatives. Things have changed so much in the last few weeks that our Strategic Initiatives, which I elaborated on in my February update, need adjustment. We will be reviewing these at our April Board meeting, April 21, and I will update you after the meeting.

Also, at our April Board meeting we will look at our calendar of events. The Asia Pacific meeting has already been cancelled. No formal decisions have been taken as yet for the Euro Hub and the Global Conference and Annual Meeting, although we are in close contact with the organizers. If it is deemed that the events cannot be successfully held, I will be back to you with the alternatives that we are suggesting.

Let’s Stay in Touch
Please feel free to be in touch with me at any time. My email is By leveraging our global network, consultants can work together to contribute to a better future for the industry globally, and better results for clients and society.
Collaboration is key… please keep in touch.
Thanks to the Institutes that have invited me to attend their events virtually. I would be very happy to virtually attend a suitable event hosted by you in order to address our strategy or any specific programs of interest to your Institute. Please keep this in mind as you plan your events.
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Kind Regards,

Dwight Mihalicz
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