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Dear IMCA Members,


IMC Bangladesh would like to seek collaboration with a globally famous and renowned university/expert in conducting a feasibility study for development of aviation, aerospace and aeronautical engineering university project in Bangladesh that aims:


  1. Conduct different types of survey such as digital, topographical, land use, physical feature, hydrological, archaeological, accommodation, geological, traffic and transportation, drainage, existing flora and fauna and other relevant surveys
  2. Preparation of a Master plan including 2-D and 3-D view with animation,
  3. Conceptual Architectural 3D View (for each building four images) of Buildings/Structures/Components.
  4. Designing academic curriculum at bachelor and master level on the areas as mentioned above.
  5. Designing other required infrastructure for technical demonstration to the students that may include aviation related laboratory, runway, control tower, etc.
  6. Urban planning and design of surrounding amenities
  7. Conduct social and environmental impact assessment and land acquisition and resettlement


Apart from these, any other required measures to establish an Aviation, Aerospace and Aeronautical University. The feasibility study to be conducted on a land measuring 638 acres of land.


IMC Bangladesh desire to collaborate with experts /firm for this national development project, to be funded by the Government of Bangladesh at a tentative budget approximately 1.00 million Euro. Currently, we are in the EOI stage and the deadline is 31 January 2021.


IMC Bangladesh are looking for experts for technical assessment as well as academic curriculum development in the following core areas:


  • Aviation and aerospace institute/university design and planning,
  • Aviation, aerospace, aerodrome and space specialist
  • Architect of international standard
  • Smart and sustainable and eco-friendly city design and planning,


Therefore, we would highly appreciate receiving your support, if possible.



Thanking you,


Sincerely yours,

  1. Zakir Hossain

Chief Executive