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International Recognition for Dr. Eleanor O’Higgins in Cooperation with The IMCA in IRELAND


Dr. Eleanor O’Higgins has been initiated as an Academic Fellow of the International Council of Management Institutes. This award is made in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the management consulting profession.

Dr. O’Higgins is successful in combining an academic career with practical contributions to the development of management consulting, at both national and international level. Management consulting is a developing profession, with increasing cross-border dimensions. At the national level, The Institute of Management Consultants and Advisers (IMCA) in Ireland oversees and promotes the professional standards and code of conduct for management consultancy. The national institute provides services to individual consultants, in particular the training and assessment for certification as a Certified Management Consultant (CMC); the global professional standard.

At the global level, the ICMCI’s goal is to elevate the standards of management consultants worldwide, and to provide the international community with the confidence that these standards, combined with the certification process of its member institutes, ensure that CMCs serve their clients with world-class competency and professionalism. The second goal of the ICMCI is to support the creation and development of national professional institutes throughout the world, as well as encourage information sharing, networking and reciprocity between institutes adhering to the ICMCI international standards and code of conduct.

The IMCA and the ICMCI together have selected and appointed Dr. O’Higgins as an ICMCI Academic Fellow. Dr. O’Higgins and her colleague academic fellows will be actively involved in creating an increasingly strong and productive linkage between academia and management consulting practice. They will use the ICMCI as a platform and community for sharing knowledge and ideas. High level academics and high-level practicing management consultants will meet and exchange knowledge and ideas at the ICMCI platform for the benefit of both the clients of the practicing consultants and the students of Dr. O’Higgins.


01 October 2021

For more information: Reema Nasser (executive director ICMCI):