IMCA Request for Volunteers – Assessors to the QAC
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Part time
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ICMCI (CMC-Global) Secretariat

Dear Delegates, and Leaders of Member Institutes,
This letter serves as my introduction as ICMCI’s new Chairperson of the Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) and a call for your help in improving our global quality assurance procedures.
I wish to start by thanking all past volunteers on the committee, led by Louis Loizou, and Clint Burdett and Brian Ing before him, who made sure that we are ready for all the development needed in the next years.
I was offered the honor of leading your QAC into a new phase of development marked by our internal processes getting accredited to ISO 17011:2017 to maximize the value that our work creates for our members. With over a decade of practice as a management consultant in processes and compliance, I took up the challenge, but I need your help to succeed.
QAC’s mission is to provide independent assurance to the Delegates on member institutes’ compliance with ICMCI’s standards and membership requirements. In this capacity, QAC is the body to make recommendations to the Board on accepting/continuing provisional and full membership in ICMCI.
QAC does this in triennial cycles, through an Assessment of Equivalence – i.e., making sure that your certification process complies with ICMCI standards. QAC also collects good practices from institutes, identifying and sharing ideas to support growth and improvement globally.
As the Assessment of Equivalence automatically expires after three years, QAC schedules the next assessments so that member institutes can continue to issue valid CMC certificates.
My first request is that we need your help to stay on the triennial schedule. Please make sure that your institute is ready for the assessment when it comes due, so that you can keep the validity of your CMC certificates and enjoy their world-wide reciprocal acceptance.
My second request for help regards volunteers for assessors. Please take a moment to find and encourage your CMC colleagues to join the QAC as Assessors. We are ready and hopeful to take on new assessors starting this autumn.

Please submit your nominations as soon as possible using the attached nomination form no later than 31 July 2020.
Nominations should include:
• a CV
• a paragraph about how they will serve ICMCI as an Assessor of QAC
• confirmation from the IMC the nominee’s good standing as a CMC.
Please send nominations to Executive Director Reema Nasser: with a cc to:

Thank you for your patience with this long message. I trust that with your help we can implement our procedural developments quickly and make the quality assurance function less painful and more helpful than ever.
I am really looking forward to receiving your nominations – please help us be more efficient in this important work.

Best Regards,
International Council of Management Consulting Institutes
To be a leader in the development of management consulting as a global profession that drives social and economic success.

Olga Trofymova
QAC Committee Chair

ICMCI (CMC-Global) Secretariat
C/O Maurer & Stager AG
Fraumünsterstrasse 17/Postfach 318
CH – 8024 Zurich

Qualification Level:
Required Experience:

We are looking for committed professionals to help us implement our strategy. The formal requirements are as follows:
• CMC in good standing of the home IMC;
• planning and organizing the work effectively;
• performing the assessment within the agreed time schedule;
• prioritizing and focusing on matters of significance;
• communicating effectively, orally and in writing;
• collecting information through effective interviewing, listening, observing, and reviewing documented information, including records and data;
• verifying the relevance and accuracy of collected information;
• document assessment activities and assessment findings, and preparing reports;
• maintaining the confidentiality and security of information;
• understanding of the strategy and initiatives of ICMCI;
• understanding of the role and activities of an IMC;
• experience in compliance and/or audit work is essential.

Please submit your nominations as soon as possible using the attached nomination form no later than 31 July 2020.

Application Email: