In Jan 2018, the IMCA commenced the process of building a portfolio of alliances and partnerships with kindred bodies and organisations of strategic fit, each one of which will deliver value from IMCA members perspective and assist the Institute in delivering on members competence framework requirements needed

to maintain the sharpness of their Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation.

The first such alliance is with the Irish Tax Institute (ITI).

As Management Consultants and Advisers, IMCA members are exposed to the full spectrum of businesses operating in Ireland and to the issues that they face. Much like Chartered Tax Advisers (CTA), IMCA members are at the boardroom table when key strategic decisions are being made. Many of these decisions involve tax considerations for which an appropriate level of awareness and understanding is essential.

The new IMCA – ITI alliance has a number of dimensions. Firstly, it incorporates a series of joint IMCA – ITI member events designed to deliver briefings for IMCA members on topical tax developments. The inaugural event will take place on 15th Feb., 2018, details of which are available here

The second dimension of the alliance caters for those IMCA members who have an ongoing need to remain informed on tax developments that could impact on their clients’ business activities.   Under the alliance, any IMCA member with such a business need is now eligible to become an Affiliate of the ITI and so avail of ITI’s quality tax information service, as follows:

  • TaxFax – the essential tax technical update, dispatched every Friday
  • Technical bulletins on topical tax developments
  • Details of upcoming tax events and networking opportunities

If you an IMCA member interested in applying to become an Affiliate of the ITI and availing of the tax information service please see details of the offer and the application process here  AffiliateITI