The Board of IMCA, in keeping with its objective to raise and promote professional standards, maintains an Annual Affirmation procedure for all grades* to:

A) Obtain an annual written undertaking to adhere to the Code of Professional Conduct
B) Obtain a statement that they are currently in practice and
C) Monitor the professional development activities undertaken.

* Other than Retired or Honorary members.

Members are required to submit an online Annual Affirmation Form and guidelines on its completion are provided here.

Members are also required to maintain a CPD Log (Continuing Professional Development) against IMCA’s Competency Framework. A random sample of CPD Logs is audited by the IMCA each year with all audited over a three year period in line with ICMCI requirements.

Accredited Consulting Practices submit Annual Affirmation Forms for the practice affirming that all members are in compliance under a), b) and c) above.   (Members within the practice complete individual Affirmation Forms as above also.)