Guidelines are set out below under the headings of the Annual Affirmation form.

a) Code of Professional Conduct

As per IMCA’s Code.

b) Currently in Practice

You are considered to be currently in practice if you are employed solely or primarily in a management consultancy or business advisory role.

Only members of IMCA operating as full-time management consultants, undertaking the required CPD and certified by IMCA’s Membership Review Board can describe themselves as ‘Certified Management Consultant’ and use the letters CMC in addition to Member or Fellow of IMCA, or MIMCA or FIMCA. Other members of IMCA can describe themselves as Member or Fellow of IMCA, or MIMCA or FIMCA.

Associate membership is a precusor to full membership of IMCA.

c) Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Members are required to maintain a CPD Log of activities each year against IMCA’s Competency Framework. The required 35 hours may be averaged over 3 years (e.g. Year 1, 30 hours; Year 2, 40 hours; Year 3, 35 hours).

Acceptable CPD activities must be related to management consultancy and business advice, and include:

  • Attendance at conferences, seminars, workshops as a delegate or trainer
  • Writing / publishing articles, monographs etc.
  • Structured private reading (not more than 50% of total CPD requirement)
  • Involvement in IMCA Working Groups or technical committee work
  • Formal study or training (including distance learning)

Unacceptable CPD activities include:

  • General reading of business press
  • Social activities
  • Activities unrelated to management consultancy or business advice

A random sample of CPD Logs will be checked and further information sought, with all checked over a three year period in line with ICMCI requirements. The results of this checking will be published (anonymously) to the membership.

d) Affirmation

Any members found to have knowingly returned an incorrect / inaccurate affirmation will be deemed to be in breach of the IMCA Code of Professional Conduct.