About arnauddisant

Based in Ringaskiddy, Co Cork, SEA-Tech provides tactical IT consulting, technical professional services and project management as well as auxiliary Research and Development to the marine sector in Ireland and overseas. Formerly Fix-I.T. our practice was established in 2005 by Arnaud Disant & Eamon Harbison. In 2012 it became the first private practice in residence in Ireland's Flag Ship third level Marine ;institution - the prestigious National Maritime College of Ireland. Inspired, highly dynamic and operating under the philosophy of we do I.T. the way you want it done, SEA-Tech operate as both a prime contractor for the Irish Defense as well as conducting research for coastal and marine engineering projects, IT installations on ocean going and racing yachts, advising SMEs operating without an IT manager and as a subcontractor for marine engineering, shipping agents,& chandlers, IT vendors and integration specialists on their IT constraints and capabilities. Our engineering knowledge and consulting are the backbone of our successful projects. Still we are very different from any other I.T. Company in Ireland. Many experiences gained in Marine IT can easily be applied on-shore, the reverse is not always true and this is what allows Sea-Tech to stand out from other IT companies. Our principal Arnaud Disant (CMC) has worked as Professional Services Consultant advising leadership teams around the world since 1999. SEA-Tech has earned a strong reputation for delivering value in line with customer requirements both on land and at sea.SEA-Tech would be delighted to welcome fellow members of the IMCA to the National Maritime college where we can arrange tours of the facilities including survival pool, ships simulator etc. for groups of between 4 and 10 people by appointment.