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About Restart Journey

Restart Journey provides unique personalised Outplacement Services like no other. We work with businesses to provide Outplacement and Career Transition support for their employees who have been made redundant.We provide a full range of tailored services to assist the individual in transitioning to future employment, but also in dealing with the immediate uncertainty ahead. Our Outplacement Services significantly reduce the length of time most employees remain unemployed and are open to both Business and Individual customers. Our Support Services are tailored to your company’s needs on timing, location, numbers involved, budget allocation and the individual needs of the employee.Our highly experienced, professional coaching team are passionate about helping individuals to find their ideal job and career that they really want, or even to explore Self-employment as an option. Our coaches, some of whom have been made redundant themselves, understand the hardships unemployed people face and how to overcome them.Our flexible programmes have group and individual one-on-one options available, and they can be delivered either remotely or at a suitable location that is compliant with current COVID-19 social distancing rules.Offices in Ireland (Dublin) and UK (Liverpool). Website Ireland: Website UK: