About imeldakbutler

Allow me introduce you to our two sister companies - Century Management Ltd and Odyssey Transformational Strategies Ltd.Century Management Ltd, established by John and myself in 1989, is primarily a strategy consultancy engaged in strategic human performance improvement and delivering strategy, competency benchmarking & measurement systems and organisation/business development interventions. We partner with all businesses interested in improving performance and results and identifying and achieving their cultural and strategic missions and visions for their businessesOur systems are also available to interested consultants engaged in the strategic performance improvement sector of consultancy.www.CenturyManagement.ieOur second business is Odyssey Transformational Strategies Ltd, established by John and myself and a USA based business partner in 2005 and it comprises of two phases:Phase 1  Odyssey: The Business of Consulting is engaged in working with consultants worldwide to grow and transform their business thinking, methodologies, systems, results and quality of life.Phase 2 Global Corporate Transformation is engaged in partnering with corporate clients delivering organization development interventions and transforming individuals, teams and organizations in the process utilising our global consultancy