Students of postgraduate and executive education courses recognised by IMCA are entitled to Graduate membership of the IMCA at no charge for the duration their course and for 12 months following completion. After this period they are entitled to transfer to Associate membership for a further year at a preferential rate.

Graduate membership provides access to a range of benefits such as CV building, access to IMCA resources (e.g. Consultant Resource Kit), access to CPD / networking events at reduced or no cost, attendance at Careers in Consulting events and most importantly access to consultancy practitioners through our website, LinkedIn Group and attendance at events.

To apply for membership please complete the online Application Form.

A list of Graduate members is provided to IMCA by the course’s Programme Manager / Co-ordinator each year to confirm that the student is registered on the course. As part of the membership process IMCA may be in contact during the course to confirm that students have completed all stages successfully.

The Graduate member courses currently recognised are listed here.

If your course is not on the list of recognised courses, please contact your Programme Manager / Co-ordinator who will contact the IMCA Administrator on regarding the process for recognition by the IMCA.

The criteria used by IMCA to review courses for approval are outlined here.