Call for Contribution: ICMCI White Paper on AI and its Impact on the Management Consulting Profession, especially in Ethics

Dear Colleagues,

Please consider this an invitation to provide input in the form of contribution and/or suggested reference material to be included in the ICMCI White Paper resulting from the conference.

The following is a brief that we believe would assist you in properly forming your contribution, hoping to receive your contributions as a reply to the is email by maximum Thursday 29 February 2024.

For queries or submission the email address is as follows:

Briefing paper

Following the 2023 International CMC Conference, ICMCI intends to publish a White Paper (WP) on the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on the Management Consulting profession, especially in ethics.

The overarching aim of the WP is to enhance the reputation of ICMCI and help to build ICMCI status as the international body representing the management consulting profession and providing best practice ethical and professional standards.

The WP shall be published and promoted to stakeholders of the profession. It also shall be used to maintain relationship with the ICMCI Community that includes current and potential attendees of the conference.

Within that overarching aim the WP has the objective of presenting clear information on the interaction of AI with the ethical and professional practice of management consulting in the form of:

Expressions of our understanding of what AI is and what represents good ethical and professional behaviour in management consulting.
The inclusion of relevant and helpful reference material on the subject of AI.
The inclusion of use cases to illustrate the practical application of AI.
A reasoned discussion on the impact of AI on our profession and the ethical dilemmas arising, including consideration of client needs, consultant needs, global perspectives, legal and regulatory issues and risks.
A summary of the outcomes of the discussion.
Recommendations for the future: The plan is to produce a draft of the WP for Board approval. The WP then to be finalised and soft-launched publicly sometime in April/May. Feedback and comment will be gathered and will form part of the agenda for the International Consultants’ Day in June when the WP will be re-launched.

Our editorial team will be responsible for gathering and moderating contributions and producing the drafts and final version of the WP according to the above time line.


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International Council of Management Consulting Institutes

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