31 05, 2018

IMCA’s inaugural ‘Talking Consultants’ competition and ‘IMCA Connect’ event

May 31st, 2018|

In November, 2018, the IMCA will hold its inaugural ‘Talking Consultants’ competition which aims to highlight for students on IMCA Accredited Programmes  the critical importance of effective communication, public speaking and presentation skills to a successful career in consulting.  The competition is sponsored by  PwC  and it will be delivered under the auspices of the IMCA’s ‘Young [...]

11 11, 2014

Careers in Consulting

November 11th, 2014|

The IMCA Careers in Consulting event each year provides students with an overview of how to get into the field of consulting and how to build a career as a consultant.  We again had a good turnout this year on Nov 11th at Smurfit School of Business, despite the poor weather conditions, and a lively discussion ensued [...]

8 04, 2014

Networking Skills Workshop

April 8th, 2014|

Below are some of the attendees from the highly successful Networking Skills Workshop facilitated by Derek Howard of PwC for the IMCA Consultants Network on April 8th. This is based on training which Derek carries out for senior PwC personnel in their practices in Ireland and other European countries and addressed topics as below: Why [...]