The CMC accreditation body ICMCI allows the Board of the IMCA to award CMCs who have finished their professional activity (by retirement or reorientation) the title “CMC emeritus” if the following conditions are met:

  • The CMC actively applies for this status, the award is not automatic but by individual decision of the certification body.
  • The status “CMC Emeritus” is tied to the one-time payment of a grant of 300 euros plus VAT
  • That the IMCA maintains its own directory of CMC emeriti.
  • The CMC emeritus is entitled to use the designation “CMC emeritus” as the title followed by the name. The sole use of the designation CMC without the addition “emeritus” is not permitted.
  • The CMC emeriti will be listed on the IMCA role of members under CMC Emeritus. You may continue to wear the CMC pin and will be invited as guests to the IMCA and CMC Events
  • When a CMC emeritus returns to active advice, it informs incite and must meet all normal CMC conditions, i.e. it must undergo a recertification process.
  • Subject to these above provisions, the status of the CMC emeritus is permanent, without further conditions, provided that it adheres to the regulations of the certification body.
  • In order to enter the status of CMC emeritus, the CMC must prove the termination of its consulting activities by presenting appropriate documents (rest of the business, confirmation of the employer, confirmation of retirement

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