The E-Libary section of the web site will build up a repository of ‘best practice’ documents over time.

Members are invited to contribute material on relevant topics based on the guidelines below. Contributions can be original or previously published material owned by the contributing member or practice.

  • Scope: Items should relate to management, consulting, business and related matters and could embrace sectoral, functional or technique issues of relevance to site visitors (particularly from Ireland).
  • Contents: Could include case studies, ‘how to’ guides, presentations, reviews, surveys, research results, tools and audio-visual items.  (Documents mainly of relevance to members will be included in the Member Resources area.)
  • Promotional issues: No overt promotion within body of items but ‘strong sells’ acceptable in biography at the end.
  • Formatting & Style: Ideally 2 – 6 pages (Word, PDF, or other common format), attractively set out with clear headings and short paragraphs. Biographical and promotional content, and contact details must not exceed 4 – 6 lines, appended to the foot of the document. A catchy title and two-line abstract should be supplied for inclusion in a contents listing.  Images and tables used should be trimmed to fit easily within a web page (600 pixels wide).
  • Authors can retain IPR (i.e. state © Copyright 20XX. Author’s Name). The Creative Commons Attribution-Non-commercial-No Derivative Works license could also be applied. This is a widely used and recognised standard which permits copying for personal use provided the material is unmodified and remains complete in all respects – copying for commercial use would require written prior permission.

Please email any documents that you think may be useful to us at   A subcommittee of IMCA’s Board will assess submissions to ensure that the quality of published material reflects well on the Institute.  Once approved, the files will be uploaded and listed in the E-Library and can be searched using the Search Site facility as well as by Google, etc.