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08April, 2022

Our next Shaping The Future series event focuses on how the developmental approach can take management consulting into the future.

Everyone’s talking about skills of tomorrow.

Despite all the noise, however, there’s insufficient substance behind the scenes, hence our attention to this matter.

The consulting profession has been linked and driven by a range of competency frameworks that have changed and morphed as the context of work has evolved.
The development of consultants over many years highlights a number of reoccurring and common themes that have materialised irrespective of culture.
Consulting has changed from a technological standpoint: it has advanced beyond measure. The advent of AI and new information technologies has created even greater opportunities for consultants to apply their skills and capabilities.
Although the perspectives have shifted, the focus has remained on the individual consultant’s identity and its contribution to successful consulting.
So, does working with consultants ‘from the inside out’ offer a rich and more developmentally sound approach than simply focusing the external behaviours of ‘what you do’? How does the consultant ‘identity’ show up as a major source of development for consultants?

Join us on 8 April to learn from our special guest speaker Keith Jones about these and other related questions. Keith supports his ideas by drawing on his own research and publications

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