Dear IMCA Member please mark your calendars, we now have two sessions planned from our colleagues in CMC:

  1. APRIL 8th 2020:  BCP COVID Crisis Management, April 8:
  2. MAY 13 2020:         WEBINAR, May 13: Why Poor Managerial Leadership Kills Strategy:

Here is this is the link to the Effective Managers™ eLearning page for consultants:

For those IMCA Members that want to dive deeper into this material, Four  Master classes, each one two-hours in length, are now available to you as part of your global affiliation.

By scrolling down you will come to the section where there are links to the series of four master classes for management consultants on organization performance.

Or you can follow these links directly:

Master Class #1: Effective Organizational Management
Master Class #2: Organizational Accountability & Authority
Master Class #3: Effective Managerial Leadership
Master Class #4: Getting the Right People into the Right Roles

In addition our collegues in CMC has bundled them into a package of all four sessions which may be of interest: