IMCA Colleagues,

Please find to follow the Annual Update to communicate and highlight the main subjects addressed during the 2019 International Conference which took place in Nassau last month.

1. Outcomes of the annual meeting of delegates:
This year, other than the usual presenting of materials and general discussions, the meeting included many focus groups and round tables, the sessions were interactive with discussions on the strategy, the KPIs, and the ICMCI products and services as well as programmes. Details of the different sessions and their outcomes are included in details in the MOM referenced below.

A. Resolutions and voting result can be found at:

I. Supporting documents for each resolution can be found at:

II. And related presentations at:

III. The Annual Meeting minutes are finalized and available at the meeting documents page at:


B. The results of the Membership Survey were updated on the Members pages on the website:, and the summary of numbers can be found at:

C. Dwight presented the ICMCI value proposition and focused on the ICMCI 2019-2022 strategy available at:

D. The MGS report was presented and presentation is available at:, the full report and addendum available at: and consecutively.

E. The KPI was presented by the Membership Committee and discussed at round tables and focus groups, results of discussion is provided in the MOM, and the presentation is available at:

F. The outcome of the Proactive Membership Initiative was presented and the report can be viewed at: with the MC recommendations at:

G. The approved budget for 2019-2020 in Milan did not include any changes affecting the membership fees, and the same applies to the budget 2020-2021 approved in Nassau. Budget is available at:

I. The Established IMC Community (EIC) conducted a focus group, and they discussed and then presented their survey which we consider a success story, the report and presentation are available at: and consecutively.

J. Our implementation plan during this coming year will depend on our volunteers and the Members’ cooperation and support. The implementation plan is available at:

K. During the annual meeting, the CMC-Directory was highlighted as the number of registrants reached 19 since its launch end of June. The directory is available to all CMCs for subscription, and a link to find a CMC was added to the main menu on the ICMCI website to enable visitors to search for either a CMC Consultant or a CMC-Firm.

L. The Consulting Readiness Index (CRI) was presented during the conference and the annual meeting, and was overly accepted by the attending delegates and CMCs. To know more about the CRI, please refer to the presentation at:

M. Two success stories were shared by 2 different Hubs and Communities: Asia Pacific Hub available at: and EIC available at:

N. The board report for 2018-2019 was designed this year by a professional designer and included the audited financial statements and uploaded to the board reports page on the website and at the following link:

O. The Annual Meeting photos are available on the website image galleries:, if you had taken photos and would like to share them with us to add to the album, please send to

P. Elections to the board took place during our Nassau meeting and the board of ICMCI now comprises of the following board members:

I. Dwight Mihalicz, Canada, Chair
II. Jeremy Webster, UK, Secretary
III. Robert Bodenstein, Austria – Re-elected 2019
IV. Kyeong Han, South Korea
V. Jan Willem Kradolfer, The Netherlands
VI. Zhang Yanyan, China
VII. Gergana Mantarkova, Bulgaria
VIII. Jehona Lluka, Kosovo
IX. Sorin Caian, Romania – Immediate past chair.

I’m sure you will join with us  to take this opportunity to congratulate the new board members and wish them the best of luck during their service on behalf of the Irish members.
Keeping in mind that the board will elect the Treasurer during their first official board meeting, this will be updated on the following website link:

Q. Upcoming events for 2020:

a. The 2020 annual meeting and 8th CMC international conference were announced to be held in Beirut – The Lebanon and hosted by SMDC, event announcement video is at: :

b. The 2020 AP hub meeting was announced to be held in Yerevan, Armenia and hosted by IMC-Armenia. Event announcement is at:
c. The 2020 Euro Hub meeting will be held in Istanbul – Turkey hosted by YDD. Event announcement is at:

R. The 5th ISO 20700 Self-Declaration Checklist training took place after the annual meeting and was attended by 11 registrants which resulted in accrediting another four more IMCs for the delivery nationally which totals 25 accredited IMCs. Photos of the training can be viewed at:, and to know more about the ISO and the training, please visit

2. Events of the CMC International Conference and the International Constantinus Award.

A. The CMC International Conference presentations can be viewed at:

B. The Constantinus Award photos are available at:

C. A promotional video for the Constantinus Award as well as addresses from officials were prepared by KMIND, a Silver medal winner from China, and are available at:

D. The official Constantinus Award video will be uploaded to the announcements section once received from our host. However the Constantinus Award press release is available at:


Last but not least, you may find the presentation IMCI have prepared to introduce the global reach of the organisation interesting and it can be found here:

I hope I covered everything, I tried to summarize so all of you are updated and on the same page,

Kind Regards,

Patrick Downes

on behalf of the
International Council of Management Consulting Institutes
To be a leader in the development of management consulting as a global profession that drives social and economic success.