Dear Institute Colleagues,

It is our role to properly represent our profession, and assure our standards are up to date and up to the expectations of our clients.

Our International  Professional Standards Committee (PSC) are working on updating the standards while assuring they properly address our clients needs.

Please find follow an open-ended survey which can be introduced for face-to-face meetings with clients to obtain their feedback and insights. We would appreciate if you could assist us gather this information for them by asking theses questions with one or more of your  clients.

As a result we will have an excellent picture of client expectations globally and you will receive the results of the study as a thank you for your support and involvement.

Important note: They have set a deadline of 31 January 2020 for responses to come back to them at and

With many thanks,

Institute of Management Consultants & Advisors ( Ireland )


ICMCI Professional Standards Committee Chair

Voice of the Customer – Interview Questions

1. Thinking about a good consultancy experience you must have had; can you tell me what impressed you most about the consultant?

2. Thinking about a bad consultancy experience you might have had; can you tell me what were the things that made you dissatisfied?

3. What are the most important qualities that you look for in a consultant? (e.g. independence, ethics, sustainable approach, reliable ongoing support, wide network etc.)

4. What are the key soft skills that a good consultant should have?

5. How much does a consultant’s in-depth knowledge of your industry influence you in deciding to use them?

6. When you are selecting a consultant for a project, what is more important for you in your choice – generalist knowledge and systemic approach or specific speciality?

7. How much does the consultant’s knowledge and ability to use innovative technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI), or Machine Learning, or Internet of Things (IoT) result in a better outcome for you?