Highly popular Masterclass with Joe Houghton on the application of AI and ChatGPT and how Consultants can exploit the emerging opportunities.

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While the introduction of AI may lead to changes in the composition of our workforce, it presents an opportunity for our consultants to transition into new roles. Our consultants can leverage their expertise to train, supervise, and collaborate with AI systems, ensuring that the technology aligns with our firm’s values, ethics, and industry-specific nuances. This collaboration between humans and AI can result in a powerful symbiotic relationship, combining the unique strengths of both to deliver unparalleled value to our clients.

Witness firsthand how AI tools can revolutionise management consulting from generating ideas to developing strategies. Join us for a lively and interactive hour with Joe Houghton, Programme Director of UCD Smurfit Masters in Project Management. This webinar is your opportunity to tap into this groundbreaking technology and take your management consulting skills to new heights.

Link to Joe’s latest bestselling Book HERE

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