There are a number of alternatives, free and paid, to develop a website for your practice. Depending on your level of comfort and experience with web-based applications and coding, you can choose to create a website yourself or outsource this to a specialist.

Popular free or low-cost website creation and management tools include WordPressWixSquarespace and Moonfruit. Complete professional website design and management services are provided by many companies locally and internationally.

Regardless of how you create your website, it is important to have a registered domain name. This makes it easy for existing and potential clients to find your company online and provides an element of professionalism to your web presence.

Domain names can be purchased through companies such as GoDaddy or Blacknight, or in conjunction with your chosen website creation tool or service.

A guide to developing business on the Internet is available here.

The most popular social media tools are LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. It’s free to create and manage a company profile on these sites as well as to publish content to your followers. Additionally, most social media platforms give you the option to launch additional Internet advertising campaigns for a small fee.

Your social media profiles should complement one another, and the marketing messages published via each platform should be carefully orchestrated while considering the others.

A guide to creating a powerful presence on LinkedIn by Hubspot can be found here.