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The practice details are initially uploaded by the contact person within the practice. This generates a practice identifier which is required to upload individual consultant details.

  • Accredited Consulting Practices are larger practices who have been authorised by IMCA to accredit their consultants.
  • Registered Consulting Practices are managed by Members or Fellows of IMCA who are Certified Management Consultants.

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Total number of Consulting Principals and Professional Consulting Staff
(Note: The number of principals and staff is not for publication but may be used to list practices in bands, e.g. Small 1-5, Medium 6-10 and Large over 10).
Describe for publication the main emphasis, nature and specialisations of the practice: (Maximum 50 words. Do not use initials or abbreviations unless in very common usage).
List all principals within the consulting practice. (This information is not for publication.)


1) At least 50% of the principals of this Practice are Certified Management Consultants, are fully paid-up Members or Fellows of IMCA and have completed / returned individual Annual Affirmation Forms issued at the start of the year.

2) This Practice (staff and associates) works to the Institute’s Code of Professional Conduct.

3) This Practice actively encourages eligible members of staff and associates to become members of IMCA and to seek the CMC designation.

4) I am responsible for informing all appropriate staff within this Practice of the arrangement and relationship with IMCA.

5) In the event of the Practice ceasing to be eligible for Registered Consulting Practice designation, I undertake to immediately inform IMCA and suspend all use of the Registered Consulting Practice legend and logo.

6) I certify that all statements made by me in this application are correct and may be used as the basis for assessing our eligibility to become a Registered Consulting Practice and for our entry in IMCA publications.

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Please tick here if your practice wishes your members' details to be included in the online searches. (Note that the Find a Consultant search only searches for practices and not for individual members).