Roddy Feely Feely

Director/Principal Consultant at Bellevue Creative Solutions Ltd

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Co. Kildare

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Bellevue Creative Solutions Ltd. (BCS) was founded in 2012 by, Roddy Feely, Principal Consultant and Director, having spent a career in International Markets spanning 24 years. Roddy brings both a strategic and practical approach to performance improvement by helping clients focus on getting the best results from their people, their strategy and business development. Roddy’s personable manner and professionalism, helps to quickly establish rapport with key personnel to identify performance improvement opportunities, address training needs and strategic issues in client companies.
Our business consulting expertise includes: Exporting; Strategy Development; Business Analysis and Planning; Sales and Marketing Strategy; Business Development. We also provide business mentoring and Executive coaching services.
BCS is currently the sole representative in Europe of Integrity Solutions, a US based performance improvement organisation that provides structured training programmes in selling, customer service and management development and coaching. Below is an outline of the range of training programmes that we provide:
Integrity Coaching a comprehensive developmental process that equips leaders with the knowledge, skills and tools to improve performance and develop people to their highest potential. It is based on the fundamental belief that coaching begins with building people. It helps them set and achieve goals, and creates an environment where they are challenged and motivated to perform at higher levels.
Integrity Selling: a comprehensive ethics and values based sales development process that redefines selling as an activity of identifying and fulfilling wants or needs and creating value for customers. Integrity Selling leverages Integrity Solutions a proprietary learning methodology is based on the foundational process used for developing needs-focused consultative sales skills. Seminar plus 8 weekly follow-up sessions.
Integrity Services; a comprehensive process designed to help employees, managers and leadership develop the appropriate values, skills and behaviours necessary for a customer-focused organisation. The goal of Integrity Services is to affect behaviour change, not just teach skills. This is accomplished through practice, repetition and positive reinforcement. Seminar plus 7 weekly follow-up sessions.
Behaviour Styles & Assessments (BSA) is a personalised and comprehensive report that provides tools to improve communication and productivity. Powerful skills are developed that are applicable in all aspects of life.


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